Overview of our Servers

WWDL's servers provides a wide variety of connectivity and service options to organizations that require high speed Internet access in a secure environment. Computers, satellite transceivers, routers and other telecommunications equipment are supported by an expert staff on a 24/7 availability basis. AiNET is the only network offering internet services in over 100 countries today.

Internet connectivity is provided by geographically-diverse fiber optic OC-3 and OC-12 connectivity to multiple backbone centers. Data flows are monitored by a sophisticated network of switched hardware which provides real-time trouble detection and resolution. Network connections are monitored over 1400 times daily to ensure precise availability data at all times. Customer equipment is monitored on a 24/7 basis per customer requirements. Both active and passive uninterruptible power supplies and conditioning systems are on site to ensure the utmost in reliability.

WWDL located at AI's Data Center support is available for the dedicated technical staffing requirements of co-located equipment. For super computer or large Data Center co-location/out-sourcing needs, Ai's MTCS program provides a complete 24/7 staff to service your organization's application as well as fault-tolerant, mission critical physical and network level support systems; geographical redundancy and fault tolerance are configurable based on customer requirements.

Facility Information:

* 110VAC or -48VDC power, active or passive generation
* 20 amp or (2) 10 amp electrical receptacle(s) for each each equipment rack.
* Ethernet, DS3, Fast Ethernet, FDDI or (Nx) OC-3 customer connection
* Burstable Ethernet and Fast Ethernet
* 4-way multi-phase fire alarm, detection and suppression systems
* Unmetered power supply to each equipment rack
* Dual Generator power back-up
* High capacity redundant cooling systems
* Passive static electricity reduction systems

Internet Connectivity:

* Multiple fiber-optic (OC-3 and OC-12) connections to AiNET backbone centers
* Diverse physical routing of fiber optic carrier connections
* Industry standard network routers and switches


* Closed circuit video surveillance
* Perimeter patrols by security personnel
* Secure equipment storage cabinets
* Equipment serialization and acceptance procedures
* Proximity ID Card and secured access to customer equipment
* Biometric, hand geometry access and authentication


* 24/7 Network monitoring
* 24/7 Customer equipment monitoring
* 24/7 Pro-active performance information
* 24/7 Active failure detection and notification
* 24/7 Remote hands service, on-demand and by contract
* 24/7 Remote power cycling by telephone or internet
* 24/7 Hardware replacement
* 24/7 On-site and/or off-site backup and data retrieval